Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Installing Sculpture by the Sea

The process of conceiving and fabricating sculpture can be complicated. Add the twist of shipping it to Australia and it gets a bit more complicated....and more things are out of your control, which is very difficult for most artists I know.

I applied to Sculpture by the Sea back in the spring, my sketch was accepted and I fabricated the piece in August. I built a wooden crate for it (and three other smaller sculptures) to be shipped in and then hauled the crate to the drop off point and then poof! It was out of my hands! The cost of shipping a piece from Chicago to Sydney was surprisingly reasonable (much less than shipping my sculpture, Give, from Missouri to Michigan and then Michigan to Indiana!!).

So I arrived to Sydney on the morning of the 24th and installed my sculpture in Marks Park .
It was a very ominous sky to wake up to and the waves and winds and periods of downpour were an unnecessary challenge, but made finishing all the more satisfying. The site installation crew was wonderful to work with and very helpful. I was designated a local volunteer to assist with the install.

I had to spread it out over two days because of the rain. It was very easy though! I got to help Bob Emser and Richard Heinrich install their sculptures yesterday.

I have already met so many amazing artists and have been received with very warm Aussie hospitality. Tonight is the preview for Sculpture Inside. I have three pieces in this exhibit. Richard is the keynote speaker! Can't wait!!

Here are some pics for your perusal:

My crate made it!

off to site 54

I had to dig three holes to pout concrete into for a footing for the sculpture
the threaded rods sticking out will be anchored in the concrete

The skies cleared late in the day to snap this shot.

this is a really amazing place to install sculpture!

Bob and Richard setting Richard's piece.

Pillumn waiting for some touch up paint