Friday, October 30, 2009

Some more MSA information

These are the images of the brochure for the Exhibit. There are instruction for the Audio Tour to learn about each of the sculptors exhibiting. 

My sculpture in the MSA Conference 2009 Outside and Inside exhibit in Chattanooga now has an exhibition catalog available for purchase. Here is the link:

Monday, October 19, 2009

Indiana has some curvey roads

I had the pleasure of driving through much of Indiana and Illinois last week to transport two of my sculptures.

The first one, Bration, I took to storage in Winfield, MO – the most exciting part of that trip was returning the 16' trailer to Way-Ken (the trailer and I didn't particularly get on well since it insisted on fish-tailing when I would drive over 50 MPH which makes a usually five hour drive turn in to eight). The guys at Victor Pipe & steel were helpful in getting it off the trailer and finding a spot for it to rest for a bit.

On Friday I went to pick up the second one, Cutoff, from PNC. Steve was helpful with his tractor/forklift and got me back on the road quickly. I hope to show at the Odyssey Exhibit again in the future!

I took it down to Sculpture Trails in Solsberry, Indiana. It will join ~40 sculptures in their collection in the beautiful woods of southern Indiana.

When I got to Sculpture Trails, the guys helped me get Cutoff off of the trailer with a mobile gantry. Since Mother Nature has been dumping a lot of rain in the Midwest lately the ground was too muddy to set the piece back in the woods. When the ground firms up, we will be able to set it in a nice place for the public to enjoy. Until then it will just hang out there near the entrance to Sculpture Trails.

I met all the folks there having a work day and I got a nice tour of the trails from the owners. I am excited that this piece was chosen to be at this sculpture park. The organic forms that Cutoff is made of will fit in well in the natural surroundings. I was lucky to be there on a sunny day with the leaves changing. That made the mostly wooded ~50 acres even more lovely.

Below is a view of one of the sculptures. Beyond it next to the barn Sculpture Trails is building a big Crucible. They will be doing aluminum pours and other types of casting there. Excitin' stuff!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Catch up on Cutoff

After a conversation with a dear friend who actually reads this blog semi-regularly, I was made aware that I needed to update this blog with what is happening this weekend. I will be installing my sculpture, Cutoff, at Sculpture Trails in Indiana. This will be its resting place until someone wants to snatch it up and make it their own! I am really excited to see it in the woods especially with the sun shining through the fall leaves and branches!

This all came about by chance. I was at the MSA Sculpture Conference in Chattanooga a few weeks ago and I started talking to Andy Light at an aluminum pour. I found out later that he was the President of the Sculpture Trails board. We exchanged information and it turns out that the board voted me in. This is flattering to me for two reasons. First, anytime anyone votes for my work over someone else's art it is like a validation pat on that back of that we all like to get now and again. Second, I am the first sculptor who is not directly affiliated with the University of Kentucky to be shown in the park. I hope to be joined by others soon, since Sculpture Trails is wanting to expand their range of sculptors.

On another note, I am sad I will be missing two important events celebrating Chicago Artist Month. If you are in Chicago on Friday the 16th, I have a sculpture on exhibit along with 30+ other sculptors at Sedgwick Studios.

If you are in Chicago on Saturday the 17th, I have a sculpture that will be visited via trolley ride for the Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit Mid-Year Celebration. Click on the links for more details.

Also, thanks for reading and please feel free to comment or share this with a friend. I am always so touched when I get a comment or a random message sent my way through my blog, website, or Facebook artist page. Have a great weekend friends!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Kinzie Industial Corridor Art Walk

On Saturday my studio, 2030 Artist Cooperative, opened our space to the public and gave tours of where we make our art. It was a fun event and was great to meet all the people who stopped in to see us and our work.

I only had my iphone to take pictures with, so the the quality isn't great, but here are some photos from the event:

Artists that showed their work included:
Victoria Fuller
Bob Emser
Jeanne Medina
yours truly

After the Art Walk the after party and 2010 W Carroll was a lot of fun complete with aerial artists and a band!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Unistallation: Part One

Yesterday marked the end of a year long stay for my two sculptures, Bration and Cutoff, at Purdue North Central. I met the crane and the head of the Grounds Department in the morning to uproot Bration and move Cutoff out of the way.
The crane just pulled it out of the ground like it was a weed! It was incredible. There was 32 cubic feet of wet soil on top of the 4' squared 1" thick steel plate. Not to mention the resistance that the plate itself caused.

 It just barely fit onto the 16' trailer I rented from Way-Ken. This is where it will stay until I hear back from soem art committees. I am hopeful that it will be placed in a public place for the the next year or two. Keep your fingers crossed!

Here is the before and after:

Now this spot is ready to have a new concrete pad poured for the next sculpture. I must say, this building is begging for some art in front of it. I am excited to see what ends up there.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Busy moving and shakin' week

This week I have to figure out where to move two large scale sculptures, Bration and Cutoff. Their previous home was Purdue North Central in Westville, Indiana. One might be heading to New Buffalo, Michigan for two years and one might be headed to Indiana to become part of Sculpture Trails collection.

I hope to find out soon because I have a crane scheduled for 9am on Wednesday morning to uninstall and then take them somewhere. I am counting on things falling into place, otherwise anybody need a big steel sculpture?


In the studio, I have plans to complete a dozen or more pieces for my Rising series. These wall hanging sculptures can be seen at 2030 W Hubbard and will be available for purchase during the Kinzie Artwalk on Saturday, October 10th.

These are some of the rusty rings I started with, fresh out of the scrap pile!

And here I am cleaning the outer layer of rust off of the rings to expose the steel surface. It's a dirty job, but with the help of my bench grinder it gets done fairly quickly.

And here are all the cleaned up rings ready to be made into art. I don't know if you can see it too, but there is a LOT of potential there!