Friday, October 16, 2009

Catch up on Cutoff

After a conversation with a dear friend who actually reads this blog semi-regularly, I was made aware that I needed to update this blog with what is happening this weekend. I will be installing my sculpture, Cutoff, at Sculpture Trails in Indiana. This will be its resting place until someone wants to snatch it up and make it their own! I am really excited to see it in the woods especially with the sun shining through the fall leaves and branches!

This all came about by chance. I was at the MSA Sculpture Conference in Chattanooga a few weeks ago and I started talking to Andy Light at an aluminum pour. I found out later that he was the President of the Sculpture Trails board. We exchanged information and it turns out that the board voted me in. This is flattering to me for two reasons. First, anytime anyone votes for my work over someone else's art it is like a validation pat on that back of that we all like to get now and again. Second, I am the first sculptor who is not directly affiliated with the University of Kentucky to be shown in the park. I hope to be joined by others soon, since Sculpture Trails is wanting to expand their range of sculptors.

On another note, I am sad I will be missing two important events celebrating Chicago Artist Month. If you are in Chicago on Friday the 16th, I have a sculpture on exhibit along with 30+ other sculptors at Sedgwick Studios.

If you are in Chicago on Saturday the 17th, I have a sculpture that will be visited via trolley ride for the Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit Mid-Year Celebration. Click on the links for more details.

Also, thanks for reading and please feel free to comment or share this with a friend. I am always so touched when I get a comment or a random message sent my way through my blog, website, or Facebook artist page. Have a great weekend friends!

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