Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This is gonna be a busy spring! Part 1: Art Chicago and Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit

Well hello blog! I've missed you! Let's catch up...

In the last few months I have been busy plotting and planning for the upcoming year. I will continue to do this, but I am beginning to see the fruits. In April, I will be doing a lot of installing and uninstalling.

First, I will move my sculpture Five from it's home in Ann Sather Garden for the 2010 Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit (LSE). It will move downtown to the Avenue of Sculpture exhibit for Art Chicago. I am very excited to part of this exhibit again this year. Placing sculpture in the heart of the loop where so many people can interact with it is very cool.  Also the number of sculptures we are placing there has doubled this year to 25! Chicago Sculpture International (CSI) is going to make some big waves!

I am also exhibiting indoors with CSI at Art Chicago for the 6³ Show. I am in the middle of making my sculptures for this. The only rule is that the sculpture has to fit in a 6" cube. This is the hardest rule to work in for someone that likes to work outside the box!

I spent several hours at it today. I am hoping my sketching and tinkering with the smallest pieces of scrap will dance around in my head whilst I am sleeping tonight.

I think I have a "big" complex. So this is actually a good exercise for my brain to think small. And not just think small, but think small and make something with impact without the comfort of a grand scale. It's hard. Back at it tomorrow....

After I finish my three small sculptures, I move onto my next big sculpture, Burst. I came up with this idea when I applied to Sculpture by the Sea last year. I'm happy to be building it for the Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit. It will be more comfortable for me.