Monday, October 19, 2009

Indiana has some curvey roads

I had the pleasure of driving through much of Indiana and Illinois last week to transport two of my sculptures.

The first one, Bration, I took to storage in Winfield, MO – the most exciting part of that trip was returning the 16' trailer to Way-Ken (the trailer and I didn't particularly get on well since it insisted on fish-tailing when I would drive over 50 MPH which makes a usually five hour drive turn in to eight). The guys at Victor Pipe & steel were helpful in getting it off the trailer and finding a spot for it to rest for a bit.

On Friday I went to pick up the second one, Cutoff, from PNC. Steve was helpful with his tractor/forklift and got me back on the road quickly. I hope to show at the Odyssey Exhibit again in the future!

I took it down to Sculpture Trails in Solsberry, Indiana. It will join ~40 sculptures in their collection in the beautiful woods of southern Indiana.

When I got to Sculpture Trails, the guys helped me get Cutoff off of the trailer with a mobile gantry. Since Mother Nature has been dumping a lot of rain in the Midwest lately the ground was too muddy to set the piece back in the woods. When the ground firms up, we will be able to set it in a nice place for the public to enjoy. Until then it will just hang out there near the entrance to Sculpture Trails.

I met all the folks there having a work day and I got a nice tour of the trails from the owners. I am excited that this piece was chosen to be at this sculpture park. The organic forms that Cutoff is made of will fit in well in the natural surroundings. I was lucky to be there on a sunny day with the leaves changing. That made the mostly wooded ~50 acres even more lovely.

Below is a view of one of the sculptures. Beyond it next to the barn Sculpture Trails is building a big Crucible. They will be doing aluminum pours and other types of casting there. Excitin' stuff!

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