Thursday, October 8, 2009

Unistallation: Part One

Yesterday marked the end of a year long stay for my two sculptures, Bration and Cutoff, at Purdue North Central. I met the crane and the head of the Grounds Department in the morning to uproot Bration and move Cutoff out of the way.
The crane just pulled it out of the ground like it was a weed! It was incredible. There was 32 cubic feet of wet soil on top of the 4' squared 1" thick steel plate. Not to mention the resistance that the plate itself caused.

 It just barely fit onto the 16' trailer I rented from Way-Ken. This is where it will stay until I hear back from soem art committees. I am hopeful that it will be placed in a public place for the the next year or two. Keep your fingers crossed!

Here is the before and after:

Now this spot is ready to have a new concrete pad poured for the next sculpture. I must say, this building is begging for some art in front of it. I am excited to see what ends up there.

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