Monday, October 5, 2009

Busy moving and shakin' week

This week I have to figure out where to move two large scale sculptures, Bration and Cutoff. Their previous home was Purdue North Central in Westville, Indiana. One might be heading to New Buffalo, Michigan for two years and one might be headed to Indiana to become part of Sculpture Trails collection.

I hope to find out soon because I have a crane scheduled for 9am on Wednesday morning to uninstall and then take them somewhere. I am counting on things falling into place, otherwise anybody need a big steel sculpture?


In the studio, I have plans to complete a dozen or more pieces for my Rising series. These wall hanging sculptures can be seen at 2030 W Hubbard and will be available for purchase during the Kinzie Artwalk on Saturday, October 10th.

These are some of the rusty rings I started with, fresh out of the scrap pile!

And here I am cleaning the outer layer of rust off of the rings to expose the steel surface. It's a dirty job, but with the help of my bench grinder it gets done fairly quickly.

And here are all the cleaned up rings ready to be made into art. I don't know if you can see it too, but there is a LOT of potential there!

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