Friday, October 24, 2008

| Day 3 |

| Day 3 |

It was still raining when I woke up, so before I got to the site, I stopped at Lowes and got the cables (that will suspend the rings) cut by Todd—a nice enough guy in the keys/chains department. Later, on the way to PNC, I spoke with Amylee for an article she is doing for the Post Tribune on the PNC show and my pieces.

When I arrived, I had to pick up where I left off at in the rain from Tuesday evening. The crane was available and I used it to build Cutoff in the morning. I got it tacked into place in about and hour and then used the crane to move the top rings over to the the top of center supporting pipe for Bration. It went incredibly smooth. I had Cutoff in place by the time Terry got there. When he arrived he said he loved it and and wanted it…I don’t know if he was serious or not, but it felt great to hear it from him, since he hasn't seen a lot of my work. I told him I would give it to him.

I started the long process of vertical welds to finish that piece. I had 12 to do, each one was about 18" and consumed a number of electrodes. Halfway through we broke for an “artists lunch” with the whole Purdue campus invited. It was me Ed, Tom, Terry, Judi, and Liz (and Amylee on the phone for some more interviews).

After, lunch I started to work with even more determination to get the top of Bration set and in place. I also needed a few more minutes to finish up some welds on the base plate with gussets.

Then Steve came over and wanted to set Cutoff that afternoon, so I went back to work on Cutoff. Tom had sent the crane back anyway. It would be back in the morning. I walked the suspended Cutoff over with Terry and Dustin while Steve was driving the tractor. We placed it on the rock bed and it went really well.

Next comes the worst/most challenging part of the project. I built up the ground with some wood to work on drilling the holes in the rings. I needed to finish this today to be ready for the crane in the morning. I started the long process of drilling the holes through the green top rings and the 6" pipe walls. I thought it would take...ummm....say an hour or so??

I WAS WRONG. After breaking 3 of the best $20 bits I could get my hands on and after two trips to Lowes i still wasn't finished. Apparently the makers of drill bits need to buck up and make a better bit to drill through steel.

The next hour or so was a hard time drilling. The order to maximize the daylight went: lubricant, Terry, lubricant, then me. Lubricant, me, lubricant, then Terry. You get the picture. I nearly broke my wrists trying to get through the steel. We drilled until dark. It was physically exhausting, but very satisfying to leave with that task accomplished.

On the way back to Tom's, we stopped for wine and a local shop and procured a couple of well deserved bottles. We came home and grilled deer steaks and veggies. Again dinner conversation was about making art. These guys are the real deal!

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