Thursday, March 26, 2009

planning, specs, procurement etc

This is picture of what I gave to Victor Pipe & Steel to help them visualize what I needed to complete the sculpture "Position" for the Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit. The engineers there will be cutting the rings for the project this week. There was a piece of .25" scrap plate that will be recycled into sculpture.

I just received my contract and and finishing it up today to send into them all i's dotted and t's crossed! I will be set to install on May 6th or 7th. I'm really excited to be able to continue working on "Position" this spring and great to be part of something in Chicago. It's one more stepping stone!

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Anonymous said...

I recently visited the sculpture and was very impressed with not only the piece itself but also its location. It is positioned in a "Old Town" which is a very nice area of Chicago just north of downtown. I snapped a few pictures as it was a nice sunny day. Great job Dusty !