Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tuesday is for Studio day

I went in to the studio today to just make art. Lately, I have been asked a lot of questions about why I make a sculpture, what are my influences, or what is the meaning behind it. All very important things to think through and talk about, but today wasn't about that as much as the thrill of coming up with a new design.

In my recent work, I have liked working with maquettes first and then translating the maquette to a larger piece. I hadn't done this much in the past because when you work with scrap, you find one of a kind pieces. But you know you have found a good design when you can scale it to any size. So, I began tinkering with the different scraps of steel I have on hand at the studio.
It looks a lot like a mess to the naked eye, but a bunch of metal all spread out on floor is how many of my sculptures come together. Like when you used to study on your floor and spread all your notes around you in a circle. Something about being surrounded by your notes made sense. Well, something about being on the same level as the metal and sitting with it makes sense to me.

I came up with a bunch of designs. I am sleeping on it to see which ones are still good ideas tomorrow.

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