Friday, December 4, 2009

CSI Business Twmeeting

Last night we had our business meeting for CSI an affiliate group of the International Sculpture Center. We had a speaker Elizabeth Castro from O'Malley Hansen Communications talk to us about her experience with social media and gave concrete examples of how it has helped her work at her PR firm.

I am a tweeter, but now I have renewed approach to it because of Elizabeth's comparison to it and a cocktail party. Just as you navigate a room and talk to those who interest you, so do you navigate twitter. 'She urged us to micro-target our audience for the best results and to listen first, then participate. A lot of the other sculptors are quite skeptical and what to spend their daytime in the studio, but I think social media can be just as important of a tool as my welder (whom I fondly call Elmer).

If you are on twitter please tweet with me! My name is dustyfolwarczny.


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