Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 4

| Day Four |

Today I was up at 5. We had a nice little breakfast. At PNC I got to work on the welds on the top ring pieces. Welding was nasty to the powder coating, but could've be worse. I will just have to touch it up with my paint. Luckily it is 15' up, so it shouldn't be too noticeable. I managed to welded it all in place and a couple places on the base just in time for the crane to show up.

I quickly had to drill the holes and thread the cable through and then the crane took it. It was crazy seeing it all strapped up and being dangled by a string (well, a really strong string) and placed it around 10:00am. We had it leveled by 10:45am. It is so awesome and inspiring to be assisted by Terry a true pro!

Back to work drilling the holes in the rings. Loaded them to put up with assistance from Steve. I took a quick lunch. During this time, Liz bought a Purdue shirt for me. That day I happened to be sporting a Truman t-shirt...she thought a Purdue t-shirt would be better. She came in the afternoon to shoot some photos of the rings being installed with me in my new PNC shirt for the marketing materials.

I did have to buy different cable fasteners at Lowes to attach the cables to the bottom rings. Threading the cable through the thimble was not working. The cable kept fraying. The next time I work with cable I will have to purchase a really good cutter specific for the size cable I am using to allow for a nice clean cut. The fasteners are larger than I would like, but the piece is so large they don't stand out. I would bet most people wouldn't notice them.

After I hung all the rings, I went to paint primer on Cutoff. It went fairly quick since I didn't need to use a ladder. Then cleaned up and went home. Tom made leftovers and we had a nice time talking, I took a hot bath and hit the hay!

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