Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 5

| Day Five |

I had a sense of calm when I woke this morning to my alarm…it was a different feeling than the other mornings. I was much more at ease with where the day was headed knowing I just had to tidy up and paint. I actually slept until 7:00am and then joined Tom in the hot tub for about an hour or so relaxing our weary muscles. We had steak and eggs and got to work.

I went to the Bration site and started by touching up the primed
surfaces and then painted the base pole black. It was great being up on the ladder and actually in the piece. That bird's eye view of what the piece is like inside and above the rings was a really cool perspective. I am probably the only person to have that vantage point. I met a bunch of onlookers interested in what I was doing. I was cool to answer their questions and good to know their feedback.

During lunch, I was able to catch up on some emails. I was in the student lounge and it seemed liked just last week I was in my own student lounge cramming for the test in my last class before the weekend. I had a similar feeling knowing I had a little more to finish before the dinner that night. I needed to get back to work.

I gathered leaves and sticks for center pieces for the reception Saturday. Liz had no budget for them and I offered to help out. When I finished spray painting them, I went back to Bration for pictures and then off to Cutoff to paint it. After I finished painting Cutoff, I stood back to take in the color. It is purple. I have never made a purple sculpture. I left the edges raw to rust. That bright and fresh orange that will happen after a good rain with provide a really nice outline to the purple form. The color works well with the piece's surroundings. I have learned a lesson in working with color and placement of work. I am lucky these pieces are in such a well maintained campus with beautiful landscaping. I can't wait to see it in the spring!

After letting the marketing office know I was finished so they could photograph the piece for the slide show, I was FINISHED! I cleaned up went back to chez Tom and cleaned myself up for dinner out, relieved and thankful for a week that will always be cherished in my memory on my path as a sculptor.

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