Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Putting pieces together

After a nice long holiday in London, Paris and Cardiff, I returned and went right to work KW-ing before settling into my studio to finish my piece for the LSE. This is the base it will go on at Wisconsin and Mohawk .

These last few days have kept me quite busy. Logistics, needing to be stronger, have more hands and needing more hours in the day all were opportunities I have encountered the last few days. In addition to the fact that flatbed trailers are hard to come by in this town.

Anyway, I put Position together in two main piece and then put those two pieces together. The picture above shows what I had completed before I left for London. And to the left shows the bottom, that I signed, just in case someone in the future wants to know my name, the date and the name of the piece.

I am supposed to install the piece 5.6.09 and I am nearly ready to rock, but Mother Nature may have something else in mind. I do a lot of stupid things, but hanging out with an 8' steel sculpture in a thunder and lightning storm hopefully isn't one of them.

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