Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This is how I sketch sometimes. I go to my studio or the scrap pile and just mess around. I have been wanting to incorporate water in a sculpture for a long time. When I ask my more seasoned sculpture buddies about this and if they have worked with water, they all give a similar response. Something to the effect of, "It's expensive and a pain in the ass!" Then they chuckle and encourage me to do whatever I see fit. This is one easily scalable idea for a fountain that I have in my back pocket. In this photo it is only about 6' wide, 10" deep and 3' high. With this design, I could make the tallest central pipe 10'-20' without too much of a problem engineering wise. Especially if it were to go in a lake where I could drive the steel pipes deep into the earth like stakes.
Imagine water coming out of each pipe in unison and then at random and then in unison and then one burst at a time down the line. Imagine it is night and there are colored lights shining through the water and onto the steel pipes and plate creating interesting shadows out of the forms.
Look at the form mostly, because the color could change. Depending on who I can sell this idea to, it may be appropriate to have the steel powder coated and incorporate color. For instance if it would go to a children's hospital or something would make it a rainbow of colors. If it were in a public urban space, perhaps I would use green tones. At any rate it is still a sketch. It is still working around in my subconscious until the right opportunity presents itself.
Let me know what you think!

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