Friday, September 18, 2009

Ready-ing Ready to Scale

In order to attach Ready to Scale to the concrete pad where it will live for the next year, I had to add a little somethin'. At the base of the larger steel ring I added a little steel plate with a hole in it or the anchor bolt. I really didn't want to add much to the piece because the way the circles interact with the ground is an important part of the composition, but when scrap metal fetches a decent price, you have to have some sort of deterrent.

Mr. Calder said once, "Why buy it if you can make it?" So that is what I did. Instead of going to the hardware store and looking for a bracket that would best fit my needs. I made a bracket that would best fit my needs.

I had to trim it down to a decent size and then use my grinder to grind the metal into a curve that complements the curl of the ring I would be welding to it.

After wards o tack welded it in place and then flipped the piece over and welded it to the bottom.  There was a little bit of warpage due to joining to pieces of steel with very different gauges, but I was able bend it back with a bit of elbow grease.

After installing this piece today, I think it works just fine.
special thanks go out to Roger and Sam who were very helpful during the whole process!

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