Tuesday, January 19, 2010

{ Artists Wanted } Please vote for my work!

Today, on a whim I entered a competition for { Artists Wanted }

Below is the call. Check out the judges!

"You are invited to participate in "The Power of Self" an international competition celebrating the vitality of self portraiture. A panel of judges including actor Steve Buscemi, director Chris Weitz, Guggenheim curator Helen Hsu and Flavorpill founder Sascha Lewis will award one artist a package of incredible prizes including six months of free living at The Edge in New York City or $7007 in cash. The most popular portfolio as voted by the public will also receive $1,000 cash. Your images have power. Now is your moment to reveal them to the world. "

I gave it a shot and we shall see what the judges think! You can help though because there is a Peaople's Choice Award! Here is what happens if I win: 
"The People's Choice winner will be decided by the rating your portfolio receives from your friends, family and the general public. Gawker Artists will award one winner a publicity push with hundreds of thousands of visits acrosss a network of dozens of website, plus $1,000 cash." 
SO,  PUH-LEASE take a moment, click on this link: http://www.artistswanted.org/dustyfolwarczny and vote for me by clicking on how many stars youwant to give me. And you can vote once a day! Please share with your friends on Facebook, Myspace, twitter etc!
I would so appreciate you helping me to spread the word to get folks to vote! If I win this I will give half to charity. 
Thank you kindly!


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