Friday, January 8, 2010

Bikers, Website and the Mart

I'm one week into this new year and can already tell a big difference in my approach to my work and my approach to getting things done...for the better. I have had three important meetings this week so far. One to collect information from a Chicago based bike racing team, one to give information to the gentleman who I am bartering with (website redesign for a painting) and one with a self-motivated group of sculptors who are requesting exhibition space during two huge events, Art Chicago and Neocon, at the Merchandise Mart here in town.

All three went very well and as soon as the next steps fall into place I will expand more on these. We have an audience with the powers that be at the Mart next week to present our proposal to all the teams. Cross your fingers. Mark will be sending me his mock ups of my new site/pages within the week for me to critique. Cross your fingers. I have to present more details of my proposal about creating artistic bike racks for the 1st Ward next week. Cross your fingers.

Back in the studio I am busy making stuff to enter into many different competitions for the Spring. I am about halfway finished with another new sculpture and hope to get more work done on that this weekend. I have (and am happy with) a sketch for what I want to enter into the CSI Oakton Exhibit. You don't need to cross your fingers for this, I have control of this situation! It's going to be good.

Movin' and shakin' my friends, that's the theme for 2010!

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