Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good and Happy New Year to you all!!

First I'll start with the sappy stuff and then onto the sculpture stuff:

Sappy Stuff: Happy New Decade!

Since I last posted I have spent quality times with families and friends from near and far and once again, I am humbled by how lucky I am to have such wonderful folks in my life. There is no lack of love, laughter, sarcasm, intelligence, goofiness, thoughtful behavior, hunger, talent, rebellious nature or compassion among those I am closest.

Here are a few photos from the Folwarczny Farm Christmas 2009:

Daddy Den and the little beasties begging for the Christmas Eve Ham

Me and my baby sister Dede

Mommy Dearest and Brother Den

White Christmas on Sunnova Beach!

Little sister, Diddlebug, MiMi and the Christmas tree

Little sister, Dani in Sydney

Sculpture Stuff: More Steel!

On my way out of Winfield, I was lucky enough to make a stop at Victor Pipe & Steel for some salvaging of steel. Here are some shots from that:

The first picture is the cutting shed where the giant band saw is that can cut through the pipe. This second piture is the dumpster where they throw out the junk they don't need. This go around there were a bunch of jagged torch cut end pieces of pipe and some cool threaded end pieces with oil writing on them. I love it when I find stuff with writing on it as evidence it has been touched and of the steel's past life. Now you understand why this is one of my favorite dumpsters!

I was also able to get another large ring from West Yard. Thanks to Preston for helping me put it in my car and thanks to Victor Pipe for more materials!

A bit more on the sappy:

As I start this year anew, I am grateful for the whirlwind roller coaster of this first decade and bursting with enthusiastic anticipation for what the "double digits" will bring. January is already bursting with opportunity and I can't wait to get my hands dirty in the studio!

Oh, and keep your fingers crossed about some bike racks. More on that later.

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