Friday, February 26, 2010

Third Coast Sculpture Gallery

I've been involved with a group of sculptors led by Reinhold Schmid to start a new gallery space for sculpture in Chicago. Many thanks to Terry Dowd and Terry Karpowicz for allowing us to use their building as this gallery space. We have been meeting since the end of last year and are making real progress.

Last night my meeting went very well and we accomplished a lot. Below are some highlights.

We have a lawyer on board and we are incorporating.

We have a name: Third Coast Sculpture Gallery...a gallery that is for artist from artists!

We have a purpose statement: Third Coast Sculpture Gallery is a nonprofit organization run by artists for artists. The gallery lives in a reclaimed industrial building at 350 N Ogden Ave in Chicago. Our intent is to acquaint the public with talented artists of different levels.

We had a painting/spackling party last weekend to make the interior shine. We will finish up tomorrow. Thanks to all who donated their precious weekend to the project!

We have a fundraiser lined up to pay for our new lighting that needs to be installed before we can open the doors for our first show hopefully in Spring!


That's all I can really share right now, but I do have a picture from one of the last flights I was on to show you. I fly pretty regularly in my life as a scribe and to this day I am like a child with my face plastered to the window staring and dreaming with the clouds. One day this will manifest into a sculpture, but until then I use my electronic device to capture what I am seeing.

Thanks for stopping by and here's to March!

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