Friday, February 26, 2010

Great Ending to February 2010!

This past week I was notified that My sculpture Position (that is currently in the LSE show) was selected to move the Oakton Sculpture Invasion 2010. I was selected by the curator Lela Hersh. She will be writing the catalog, as well. Here's a couple recent shots of it from the last snow here in Chicago:

I was also notified that my submission to this year's Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit was accepted by the jury and I will receive the contract shortly! I was given feedback that some jurors felt my new sculpture, five, was very similar to last year's piece. I can understand that and it is part of the same series, so I welcome that feedback. I was also told it was well received.  Below is the maquette of five.

I also found out that I didn't win the {Artist Wanted} self portrait competition. This was n surprise to me since it was more of a photography competition. I love the image they choose. Here is a link to the winner:

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