Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More applications, welding wire and a maquette named Five

Last week I was working in the studio on my square sculpture and noticed a different sound coming from my welder. Aww snap! I was just about out of welding wire. Oh well, luckily WISCO opens early and I was able to get more the next morning. I saved the sticker from the previous spool, so I wouldn't ask for the wrong gauge.

When I went to change it, however it was a little more complex than I remembered. Luckily, Charlie was able to walk me through some of the tricky parts and I was on my way to welding the below maquette together.

When I was tinkering with the design I try to assemble the pieces so that they balance without the welds. This was I know it is a very safe and balanced sculpture. I was able to get them to balance in the below configuration. Now I just have to cross my fingers it will be accepted and I will get to build and install in this spring!

Today I finally turned in two more applications for outside exhibits. One for the 2010 Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit here in Chicago. For this one, I was tasked with making a to scale maquette. In keeping with my reinterpretations of the column or pillar I came up with this design a while ago, but just made the maquette last week.
It is called Five and will be about 9 feet tall. I am really excited to make the larger version of it!

I also turned in an application for the 2010 Sculpture in the Park exhibition in St. Charles, Il. I applied with existing sculptures to this show. It would be great to have them on display instead of in storage!

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