Sunday, March 14, 2010

boards, contracts, rejection and cheese

I was out of town last week working on a project and a lot can happen while you are away!

The good news first:

I found out that I was selected to be a new board member for Chicago Sculpture International, an affiliate chapter of International Sculpture Center. I was very excited and pleased to even be considered on the short list and even more so to be picked! I am officially the secretary. I have a lot of ideas and look forward to getting started and serving the membership. My first meeting is in a couple weeks. Yay!

I also came home to my contract for the Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit. It's official, now! I have to get a move on creating 5 for the May installation.

Now onto the bad news:

I was not selected to be in two outdoor exhibitions that I applied to. Oh well. That is part of it being an artist too. I will submit work next year and hopefully be considered. I have plenty to keep my hands full right now and will work on new sculpture that will hopefully improve my chances of being accepted in future shows.

Now to end this blog with something cheesey: here's a link to a video of a panoramic view of my studio space. I took this during the photo shoot of scrape last week.

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