Saturday, March 20, 2010

fundraiser prep and some kind words

Whew! I have been in Hazlet, NJ, Decatur, IL and Herndon, VA in the last 12 days, working 12-16 hours a day for 10 of those days. I'm finally back in Chicago (for 1.5 days) during which I  have a big fundraiser to pull off along with my fellow Third Coast Sculpture Gallery directors. We are expecting a good group of folks and have already sold $500+ worth of raffle tickets for the donated sculptures Here is a link to the event page where it shows who all donated. Hope to see you tonight!!


A few days ago, I was speaking to Reinhold Schmid, a fellow sculptor and the man behind Third Coast Sculpture Gallery,  and me mentioned he wanted me to meet his friends at the Benefit Party on Saturday. I thought that was nice, but then he proceeded to tell me that they live over on Armitage and they walk past my sculpture, Position quite frequently and really enjoy it.

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