Sunday, March 28, 2010

CSI Board, CounterCurrents and "Give"

This week I was given the wonderful news that my newest sculpture, scrape, will be included in the CounterCurrents Outdoor Exhibit at the Merchandise Mart for Art Chicago! I am thrilled to be exhibiting with fellow members of CSI. This is the best picture I have of it right now. It is about 7.5' tall to give you an idea of its scale.
I was also officially voted in as the new secretary for the CSI board of directors. I am very excited to be able to help with the organization add my ideas to serve the membership.
On a trip to Winfield via Belleville this week with fellow sculptor and curator Tom Scarff I was able to find an amazing new (old) piece of metal. We made the trip to repair Tom's sculpture Echo Comet at Southwest Illinois Community College and to pick up some materials. Below is Tom looking up at the transformer that needs to be replaced. This piece is made with neon and LED lights and paints the side of the building with light when it is on at night. It is really a beautiful, light Echo Comet!
The picture below is a piece of 14' in diameter pipe that was left behind at Victor Pipe & Steel. Really you ask, someone just left 1000+ lbs of steel around? Well, yes and lucky for me I found it. I am going to clean and polish it up and turn it into a proper sculpture. It has this wonderful bounce in it when you give it a little push. Here is a link to a video I uploaded to YouTube. Another fun thing about this piece of sculpture is that I get to research things like harmonic vibrations and different ways to transport it. I think I will call it Give.

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