Friday, April 2, 2010

Press Release for Countercurrents: An Exhibition of Chicago Sculpture International Artists

 Hello there!  I have spoken often about Chicago Sculpture International which is an affiliate of International Sculpture Center (who produces Sculpture magazine) both of which I am a member. We have a booth at Art Chicago to exhibit Countercurrents, a show curated by Mimi Peterson (one of our members) and our "booth" extends down to Orleans where we are installing 11 large scale works on 4/17 (in case anyone wants to drop by and watch, there will be cranes and welding so it will be fun). I am one of the outdoor exhibiting artists and am thrilled to be part of such a wonderful exhibition! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Below is the Press release as prepared by Mimi Peterson:

MARCH 22, 2010

What:        "Countercurrents", an indoor and outdoor exhibition of sculpture
Where:      Art Chicago, an art expo
                  The Chicago Merchandise Mart
When:        Thursday, April 29 - Monday, May 3, 2010
Who:         Chicago Sculpture International artist members

        Mimi Peterson, Curator
        Terry Karpowicz, Advisor
        Dusty Folwarczny, Graphic Design
        Toby Zallman, CSI Logo Design

Why:        Art Chicago serves as the CSI platform to raise public awareness of sculpture with appeal for placement in the built environment and natural landscape.

        "Countercurrents", the thematic CSI exhibit, aims to offer an overview of all aspects of member artists - not just their physical work but also philosophy, material and conceptual innovations.

        The idea behind the project means to design a radically different exhibition in which the processes actually happen for the ARTIST, in which the AUDIENCE can personally experience their efforts.

One of the most interesting aspects of the project is the dynamic relationship between the collective cultural identity of Chicago Sculpture International, a non-for-profit organization and the economic and social context associated with Art Chicago at the Merchandise Mart.

While the CSI exhibit is composed of multi-layered works, each expressing original forms of visual language rich with personal experience, the artist faces the challenge of exhibiting in privately owned public space as a non-for-profit, of asserting their value in the two distinct worlds of private and public sectors. After strategic collaboration with Tony Karman, Vice President, Art Chicago, while demonstrating his respect and vision for the arts, he made outdoor installation sites available to CSI.

The gallery space shelters works and visual images in human scale, providing an intimate biography of CSI artists. The work suggests moments from the:
        1980's with color splash, embellishment, optimism
        1990's with an archeological, post-rust belt narrative
        2000's exploring the futuristic, technological in search of new allegories

By contrast, the presence of the outdoor works express a monumentality linked to it's Orleans St. urban landscape. The outdoor site will essentially present itself as an island surrounded by concrete, an element that does not merely serve an ornamental purpose, but also serves to provide a sustainable form toward establishing the character of the "Countercurrents" theme.

As curator and artist, in transforming the exhibition concept into a reality, I focused on:
        1. A Sense of Equality
         Each artist has the chance to have a  presence with equal dignity and identity.
        2. A Change of Paradigm
        From the iconic exhibit and display to that of the artist's vision made tangible.
        3. CSI Characteristic
        A sensitivity to sustainable and ephemeral materials, reflecting the post-industrial, post-consumer effect.

Mimi  Peterson,
"Countercurrents" curator and artist



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Jyoti said...

Hi Dusty,
It was fun meeting you.
Thanks for this post. I did get some much needed information from it.

I have put images of your work "Scrape" and some other works in my blog.. I think your work looks wonderful!!!