Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pedestal sized Position and Rearranged

 Last week I made a smaller version of Position. You can see it to the left. It was cool for me to work with the same forms in a different scale. I have mentioned that working from a maquette and scaling up the work has been thought provoking for me in the last year. That holds true with this recent exercise in scaling.  This time reduced the size and it was fun being able to handle each piece myself and not have to depend on the gantry to help me out.

I can't decide if I want to paint it the same way as it is in the bigger one or maybe have it powder coated and give it to my folks. I might rub linseed oil on it. I'm letting this one circle around my brain for a bit before I decide.

Or I have been thinking of turning this column form into a series of sculptures. In a previous blog I talked about what Position meant to me. I could do one for each member of my family and keep with that theme change the position of the perpendicular ring based on their position in the family. I don't want to go overboard with this family thing, though.

I may just continue to explore the column format. This aligns with my exploration of the arch form in Curl.

Who knows? Maybe I will do both! I welcome your comments on these ideas if you have any...

This is my new studio arrangement. The angles are a bit cleaner and I am working in a rectangle now instead of a triangle. It will be fun to see if that changes anything!

I am grateful to be in studio with other artists. It is fun to be party of that creative community. Even though I rarely see the other artists, there is still a cool energy when you enter that space. If you are in town and would like to visit, just let me know!

Our studio is participating in the Kinzie Industrial Corridor Art Walk on October 10, 2009. Please stop by! I will post more information on that soon.

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